Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Carbonara di Mare by Pacianca" here is the recipe. An 'invention of the families of compulsory Senzuno (Maremma Toscana) in early 900

"Carbonara "...... a plate full of emotion on which was written about everything and more. To this day, in addition to transcribing the recipe for one of the dishes cooked to Pacianca Follonica GR, take this opportunity to do a 'assist the fantastic book "LA PASTA" - 600 traditional, regional dishes (recipes of the Italian Tavern ) - Slow Food Editore - released a few weeks and that is "shaking" positive our world. This is not a trivial or even minimalist text.  Good editors who have only thought to put in the middle: the name of the dish and its recipe, the Osteria Slow Food that is proposing in its menus and small items of information, with an explicit invitation to the reader to "prove" courageously relying completely. We (www.pacianca.it) are proud to be part of the family Slow Food, but, more importantly, to feel part of a movement so different and so alike at the same time ....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Cibus Il Magnifico" by Massimo Bucci.

9-12 December 2010: Maremma / Tallinn Round Trip: a "Mission Impossible" unforgettable!

In the wonderful world of the undersigned are many relationships and the knowledge that thanks to the curiosity and my thoughtless enterprise are alive and well. The news is this: our beautiful country is bitterly parchment and showing the worst of himself from every angle you look at it, especially our Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance and of "elogio del bello", is showing patches of unimaginable sadness, a sign of a social decay that seems unstoppable. Yet our earth, so praised by always promoting and go go to the desires of tourists from around the world, is the hit of desires. The art and food, the 'environment and history are important, but everything seems to have lived with advancing resignation without headlights without joy and energy, the very characteristics that set us apart forever. But all is not lost! While every day as I walked in the kitchen of Pacianca Osteria (www.pacianca.it) bland work of this time the phone rings. It 's a friend of mine who calls me from Tallinn (Estonia). He is at home in northern Europe for many years because of his work that has nothing to do with the restaurant, but a couple of years it has entered our world. We talk a lot of things as usual with the affection of all time and the conversation slipped on his desire "to try" to Tallinn a little taste of Maremma. ".. And it takes ..." I say. When you please call me, and so I leave Maremma for four days in the middle of the Christmas markets of the city. It starts on the 9th and return on December 12 in my role as "Ambassador for the Taste of Maremma" directed in a land that I had never visited before about 3000 km away from the shores of our Gulf and catapulted, like in a cartoon in the Centre Medieval Tallinn. A call to organize a gastronomic event that a little weblog Maremma 'took me by surprise, but the other gave me a boost and a special motivation. Perhaps, I thought, could be a good opportunity to get involved and take concrete actions to promote our taste. I omit the description of the incredible journey under "siege pure snow" and the closing of the ports of northern Europe, but I arrived in Tallinn with many hours of delay did not prevent me to discover a lively and very organized and that will be European Capital of Culture. Actually I was more worried about my bag still around the skies of Europe and of the few products that I had chosen not to what I found out a little later: Tallinn old town has a fantastic and perhaps, in the winter landscape with every corner full of Snow, showed me that magic that you do not expect. The Restaurant ("Ombra" Resturant) is one step away from the heart of Old Town, a picturesque square animated by the Christmas markets here are a tradition rich in color and imagination that I thought belonged only to Walt Disney. Cross the square between folk songs with the temperature stuck at -10 °C in harmony for the Italians really unknown. We enter the restaurant and be presented to the staff engaged in normal work, familiarize yourself in the kitchen and start the first operation to organize this tasting. But the task is very complicated because of the inability to regain the food I had in my journey ....

Massimo Bucci - Chef & Events Manager. At the root of the pleasures of Tuscany. A sensory tour of food and culture.