Friday, April 8, 2011

The dreams from the heart!

No getting around: the dreams are realized! Made starting from your community would be the norm. Create value by pushing on your passions, your talent and above all to get involved. So far for any citizen of the world, at least belonging to the Western sphere, this reasoning is flawless, but believe me, in my country the talent and the passion and desire to get involved is paper and there is no possibility of output. Everything is too complicated: beyond bureaucracy (call it "controlcracy"), you can move easily only through the complacency of arrogant and ignorant chiefs or lord of the manor is a member, if that is not prepared to choke. Zero growth and heart on the corner: this is now the "beautiful country ITALY", no escape for anyone who has the habit of dreaming. As you may have guessed I like balls filled with lots of my fellow countrymen and then you just have to take note of reality. (..............)