Friday, November 25, 2011

Teaching "Kitchen Maremma" . Yes! But you have to be some noble, some Brigands and quite insane. Otherwise it's boring boundless.

It 'a little bit missing from my blog, but I believe the cuisine has absorbed a lot of my Pacianca Osteria in recent times, but fortunately in the midst of all the many pleasant things have happened, mainly thanks to calls from some of you, shed for the world, that I was the first message, sent mail and then made ​​a simple request: ", but why not organize a calendar and put in a cooking class amateur Maremmana intended for an audience? By Max definitely have fun".

The formula with an activity holiday in Maremma, not a bad cook good things while sipping the local wines is a piece that whirls in my head. Well, you all know who are the first to get excited by things like that, especially if there's half a chance to speak of our environment and at the bottom that is, after all my efforts nell'enogastronomia perhaps the time has come to make available to anyone who wants a fun, alternative to enjoy a holiday in Tuscany.