Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Cacciucco di Cinghiale" (Wild Boar Stew) - here is the recipe! by Massimo Bucci

"Cacciucco di Cinghiale" (Wild Boar Stew) . This is a variation of the recipe of Pellegrino Artusi. I was tired of filling the sauce of this fantastic meat with tomatoes, so I looked for a way for bridging the taste across generations. I omitted the raisins and candied fruits from the original recipe to create a flavor that is more appealing to the palates of today’s youth, presenting a dish that is similar in concept to the famous Cacciucco Livornese. Believe me, making this dish isn’t complicated at all, you just need to keep paying attention so as not to affect the final result.
This is a unique dish that goes well with a nice red Monteregio di Massa Marittima wine, the choice of which, I’ll leave to the consumers to sort out for themselves from the various captivating labels that we fortunately have.
Let’s start with a nice leg of wild boar, and I hope you have someone at your house who deals with wild boar hunters, and that they don’t get stingy when they supply you of this royal meat.