Friday, April 8, 2011

The dreams from the heart!

No getting around: the dreams are realized! Made starting from your community would be the norm. Create value by pushing on your passions, your talent and above all to get involved. So far for any citizen of the world, at least belonging to the Western sphere, this reasoning is flawless, but believe me, in my country the talent and the passion and desire to get involved is paper and there is no possibility of output. Everything is too complicated: beyond bureaucracy (call it "controlcracy"), you can move easily only through the complacency of arrogant and ignorant chiefs or lord of the manor is a member, if that is not prepared to choke. Zero growth and heart on the corner: this is now the "beautiful country ITALY", no escape for anyone who has the habit of dreaming. As you may have guessed I like balls filled with lots of my fellow countrymen and then you just have to take note of reality. (..............)

Living in a fantastic land and believe that this really is an environment that pulsates in every corner of emotions. While technically I work every day and lovingly of my restaurant from cooking fumes, food, and my customers love the flavors daydreams a place in our unspoilt countryside between olive trees, vineyards and Mediterranean plants, and I welcome and accompany people to live and share this emotion. Housed in the beautiful country houses surrounded by greenery, tell the history of places, art, ancient and modern history of the characters who left their hearts. Visit the land and its fantastic crops, bring them to trek through the Mediterranean and recognize the vegetation, wild animals and reap the rewards. Meet the taste of our cooking and teaching the techniques of preparation and cooking, share the excitement of shared experiences: in short, live! To me this is beautiful, an activity that is priceless and that is not on the shelves of a supermarket. I will for sure I will not know when, but it will happen because it is what I believe and what I love. But when the dreams from the heart have a unique magic, and it is only the sincerity of what you feel that creates an opportunity. And the opportunity has arrived! Giovanni, a friend of mine producer of oil and arable land varied owns a farm of 300 hectares has contacted me a few days ago to visit him: he had the pleasure of talking to me. In the sincerity of his proverbial "real farmer," we got to the table under the oak tree drinking a drop of wine from the good one.

After a minute he came to the point without beating about the bush and asked me if I can help grow the company, he is left alone, without family and without children and with some little difficulty in doing more of what is doing. "More than maintain the existing agricultural productivity can not - tell me - but I understand that all those buildings in stone should I turn them into apartments or rooms in the country, but it is a financial undertaking which can not support." The astonished listening, thinking sensational beauty of the place and the ease of reaching it. "You could also transfer your business here a kitchen - Giovanni continues - and here you could also make your dream kitchen of the Academy of Maremma. The products of my garden and my land, oil, wine, you've got in here and you do not even go to the grocery store." He shows me her nice attempt to renovation of the reception with a beautiful environment for the string to all sales of its products, and then I opened two rooms for visitors and locals alike and truly magical space for the kitchen. I am in disbelief of both space, comfortable, healthy, beautiful, Maremma!! We walk for thirty minutes before arriving at Belvedere House, where the highest point of the company is a house of 400 square meters on two floors which is a great thing. From here you can see the sea horizon and the "Colline Metallifere" have the beauty that you do not expect. We go down to the food shop and opens a beautiful ham for his pigs reared on his farm without using any chemicals and only with good products and grains grown on the farm "I buy them from a breeder around here for two months and one year after they transformed with a friend who helps me to achieve all the sausage. " Good! What a good John! But the hit of the class has reserved the order after uncorking a bottle of beer under its spelled and its secret herbs. Do not believe it! In Maremma this man from the anonymous presence but with bright eyes, the new California wine, you square this product that I consider exceptional. "We do a few bottles, but I think a nice drink. Do not you think? ". 

Of course you do! I am charmed and intoxicated with everything I saw and tasted. Me back home after two hours with a box full of flavor. "Try the restaurant, then let me know what you think. Massimo give me a hand to do something about this company. Everything I can not hold the party and potentially accommodation and catering, I decided to sell it. So much so that I do I do? There was someone like you around to do these activities and would be happy to see me get up a weight day by day decline of the once beautiful structures. " We leave with a smile, that when I return to the car goes over the eyes throughout the film I've seen. Outstanding! Then there are dreams that come from the heart!

The next morning after a night of hard work at the restaurant I visit kicks by John. Of course all I saw was beautiful, what we said, great, the activities you can implement immediately, great! I think I do a ride in a couple of banks to ask how they might be able to fund a project like this, very unbalanced on the conversion of the buildings today and still costs Sturt up a farm that could provide an active vacation, food, stage and agricultural products. And so I move. The first bank tells me that anything is possible, but the budget estimates presented on the development of the balance sheet I have to pay 50% and the rest can give me no problem with several mortgages on all properties, the second makes me speak and I said candidly that politics is not in their group to finance these activities. Yet the construction of over forty beds itself should be interesting especially in a geographical area established itself as the Maremma. 

The whole area in recent years has experienced a growth of beds in country-hotel sector and the trend does not stop. I try to plead my case, explaining that the facility could, thanks to my important network of global knowledge, become a place of interest for an international audience in all seasons of the year to counter the logic that sees these structures terminate activities in the months ranging from November to March. Nothing to do not care a damn. I wanted to switch from another bank, but eventually I gave up, discouraged and a bit 'annoyed.

I'm not a Powerful Man, are not sent by anyone, are only one who likes to dream and to realize it will have to work to find friends interested and determined, sponsor or patron. I always think that anyone who passes by here when they can not do without, like all those that come to us once and they always return. The dream can be reality, the creation of a place of Maremma independent, free from pressure, from a farm conformist and without a future, where people mix the ground , where emotions are the daily bread. There must be someone in this world that can share with me this project! Or not? And if there is someone contact me, or come to see me, my dream is already a project, I would like to achieve with those who like to live like that.