Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pici to "Crumbs Sea" Octopus with the thyme Cerboli.

Hello to all! Really hard to write and update my blog when the kitchen absorbs you completamente. Aniway here I am again to tell you about this time a dish that I started from the heart and that allowed me to bring me to the flavors in the middle of the coast of Maremma . It ' been a while to create it in my head and they have resulted in a essential dish with a mix of flavors and sensations in between the sea and the "macchia mediterranea". The union of the triad of products combined with thyme make us breathe and remember the ' intensity of the taste of salt combined with the scent of wild plants of the Maremma Coast . In short onset, after a few tests brigade went really well , especially the tasting of Vermentino di Maremma organized at the Beach Restaurant Cerboli in Follonica with the Slow Food Monteregio on September 27 has taken away all doubts giving a dish exciting .

As usual, the recipe that I signed with my young Chef Eduward Sanchez (Lima - Peru) and you can repeat for your palate .

Ingredients for 4 people :
Octopus 1000 gr
1 red onion
1 carrot
1 stalk of celery
1 Sprig of Rosemary
1 juniper berry
chilli q.b
Red wine : 1 glass
Pici 750 gr
Tuscan Bread 500 g ( stale )
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO )
Sale. to taste
Pepe q.b
Fresh Thyme


The recipe consists of two distinct preventive preparations :

1 ) Octopus
We proceed to wash the octopus eviscerandolo then you dive in cold water ( water required to cover up to half the octopus ) with a red onion cut in half , the celery and carrot leads you to cook for 40 ' . It adds the wine halfway through the cooking , taking care not lead to dry the pot by adding warm water to keep the volume of liquid. When cooked, transfer the entire contents of the pan into a container to the exclusion of all plant parts you cool completely and store in refrigerator ( 0 ° - 4 ° C) . (Note preparation : It is recommended to prepare the octopus the day before) .

2 ) Crumbs Sea
The bread is toasted in the oven t.q. . It makes it cool and grind in the cutter using only the finest parts . It offers a non-stick pan bread ground with the addition of a round of extra virgin olive oil (EVO ) over high heat , adding water to boil the octopus (or you can use water mussels or smoked fish to enhance the flavor of crumbs . Carried to complete dryness , adding salt and pepper to taste . then left to cool flavored crumbs on a plate.

Picio of boiling and baking dish
With the availability of artisan production Pici (recommended for speed of execution of the plate ) is predisponde the boil in salted water with the addition of a tablespoon of olive oil for no more than 6 minutes ( for fresh Pici ) .
Before you take the boiling pasta boiled octopus with all its frosting and grind the cutter for a few seconds in order to obtain a homogeneous gel . The entire content goes into a pan with the addition of warm water heating without boiling until the sauce is of medium density.
It skips the picio boiled octopus with sauce and jelly adding a tablespoon of crumbs sea.

A round of extra virgin quality and impiatta height in preparing every dish one tablespoon of crumbs Sea and closing in decoration with a bit of fresh thyme.